Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meet The Family

My family is my world. This newfound crunch that has settled in a thin layer over my life recently is all due to research that I did in preparation of the completion of my family. It is only fitting that I introduce them.

First up is the hubby. We are high school sweethearts (awwww) and have been together for almost 12 years now.  We live together, we work together every day, and somehow we have managed to not kill each other yet. Even when we do not agree on a particular topic, we compromise and support each other.

Next up is my oldest daughter, who I will call Sassy. Sassy is a great description for my 8yr old. She is entering those tween years now and has quite the attitude. She speaks her mind and doesn't bother to filter her thoughts before they are out for all to hear. She is also the best debater and storyteller I have ever seen for her age. She won't just tell a lie, she will BELIEVE it and will concoct an elaborate story to support her lie until you prove to her that you know she is lying. I will someday have to share the story about the day her curls fell off her head in school. Because it was NOT the scissors that did it. She is a tomboy in many respects, but is also Mother Hen to her younger siblings.
Here is my Sassy girl:

My 6yr old daughter is a Diva. She is the star in our house. She gets the best seat, she gets the bigger half of the sandwich, and she gets a captive audience for all her theatrical shows. Diva is a girly-girl still and loves to play with baby dolls and Barbies. She is a fashionista and loves to play dress-up. We have fashioned entire outfits out of fashion scarves before. THAT is serious design. Just as she fully believes that she is a Diva, she is also gullible enough to believe just about anything that we tell her, which leads to a lot of teasing. Like any good Diva, she is easily frustrated and sometimes whines when she isn't getting her way. But like all great divas, she is loved unconditionally by her fans.
This is my Diva:

Finally, my Monkey. He is the reason behind this dusting of crunch that I find sprinkled on my life. My monkey will be 1yr old next month. He has surprised me from the beginning. I was surprised when I learned we were being blessed with him, surprised at the journey I made in my pregnancy, surprised at how he inspired my strength during his birth, and surprised at how he has completed our family. He has been my motivation to learn better so I can do better, to question things instead of going with the flow. He keeps me on my toes and teaches me something new each day.
Here is my Monkey:

So this is my little family. Mama, Hubby, Sassy, Diva, and Monkey. It is sometimes strange to think that Monkey is my last baby. But he has helped me complete the "baby stage" of my family and move on to a new journey. We will see what this journey brings.

Note: A big Thanks to Allie B. Photography for the stellar pictures

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