Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday- Week 10


Want to hear a secret?
I skipped posting last week.
I decided I was so busy with work, kids, etc. that I was going to skip a week.

Want to hear another secret?
I actually gained 1lb during the last 2 weeks.

One last secret?
I don't care because my clothes are still getting looser.

I have not measured inches since I started this journey, but I think that maybe I should do that. I still can't fint into my "skinny" jeans, but considering that my skinny jeans are from about 4yrs ago, I'm ok with that. I'll get there. As I've said before, this is not about fast results, this is about lasting results.

And for those of you paying attention: yes, I am still rocking the same pedicure from forever ago because I am always either too busy or too lazy to paint my toes.

I'm also not doing too bad in My Fitness Pal. Here's my weekly summary from last week:

I've added another activity to my list, also. A friend is doing "informal" clogging classes, mostly just us getting together with the kids and having an informal structured class...if an "informal structured class" is a real thing. We went Monday of this week for the first time. I had Monkey in a wrap the entire time, so I spent an hr practicing dance steps while helping Sassy and Diva while carring 20+ lbs of Monkey the entire time. That has to help burn calories...right?

We have talked about doing this for around 6 weeks, so we will see how it goes. Sassy has officially reached the preteen stage where she expresses disapproval of "lame" things like going to learn clogging in a friend's garage with her mom and repeatedly says that it's not very fun, but then immediately shows anyone that will watch the things she learned the next time she sees them. JOY.

But, this should be a nice way to boost my activity level without feeling like it is a chore or exercise. Can't beat that!

On top of being back to work full days and being busy at work, I also have lots of side projects going on in the next few months. I hope that I'll be able to post about them soon because they are REALLY exciting.

And I am proud to say that this past Saturday, I went to the gym and kicked my workout up a notch. I did the 30 minute Express Workout at Planet Fitness, but I really kicked up the aerobic step stations and kept pushing myself to change up the steps instead of just going up and down at a moderate pace. I quickly "ran" while doing the steps some times, I stepped up on my tiptoes and "popped" up to stretch out my muscles, etc.

On the equipment stations, I was able to do more reps than normal or upped the weight. I ended the workout with 25 crunches in a minute, which I am proud of considering that a few short weeks ago I felt like 5 was going to kill me. I'm up to doing between 40-90 lbs on most of the leg machines. I can still only do 10lbs on the shoulder and chest press machines, but I no longer feel like my arms are going to give out and have been slowly increasing the number of reps that I can do.

After I did that, I went to the room next door and did the hip abductor and glut machines for about 20 mins total. Then I went to the treadmill and did 45 minutes on the cardio setting at 3.5 mph, which kept my heartrate at 157.

So while I may have gained a lb in the last 2 weeks, I'm ok with that. I may not feel great about the number on the scale, but I feel great about everything else. And that is what matters. Being healthier and getting more active, THAT is my true goal. The number on the scale is just ONE place that I look for progress, not the only place.

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