Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome 2013

Welcome, 2013!

Before we continue, I need to add a disclaimer.
I am not yet finished with 2012.

I still have the RACK 2012 post to get out.

I want to post our Christmas pics.

There is a litany of birthy and parenting topics that I have fabulous ideas on to do posts.

And yet....

Yep. Crickets.
They are all up in here, messing in my business.

But, I did get a new computer from Hubby for Christmas! So hopefully in the next week or so I will have it set up and that will make it easier to do things from home. :-)

I just wanted to pop in and say Welcome to 2013!

New Year, New You! Right?

Or in my case, I am striving for a continuation of the resolutions I set last year.

I have joined a local CSA, which is awesome. I have a half-share of the combination shares for the Winter season, so I am picking up fresh organic veggies, apples, a loaf of bread, a dozen cage-free eggs, and fresh cheese each week. All GMO free and as organic/natural as possible. I hope to do a post on the benefits of the CSA in the near future also. I am so pleased that I hope to do a full share during the summer season. Given that I cannot get Hubby to work with me to find an appropriate place in our yard for a garden where it will get enough sun and not get in the way, this is a good second choice to our own garden. I still hope to do some growing at home, probably different herbs and easy plants to supplement the CSA options.

I am also working toward weightloss/getting healthy. The CSA is helping with that. I'm back on MFP, aka MyFitnessPal. Actually, I logged back in on Sunday and it was the first time I'd logged in to the site in over 7 months. *hangs head in shame* But, I have renewed motivation and energy, so we are working in that direction again.

I'm not even going to try to renew last year's resolution to blog daily. We all know how that went. I think weekly is a more attainable goal. And it will start after I get my computer up and running. ;-)

As far as organizing, I am in a better place than last year. And have made leaps and bounds in the last few weeks, including joining a "Dustbusters" group on FB that a friend created for us to use to bounce cleaning/organization ideas off one another and lend support. That has helped me come across some really good ideas. And of course, Pinterest helps a lot.

And I have been more socially active in the last year. Mostly concerning birthy stuff, like going to birth socials and workshops hosted by Mama*ology. I am actually the Board President of Mama*ology this calendar year, so I am excited for that opportunity and the things we will be doing this year.

So there you have it. My non-resolutions resolutions for 2013. Which will be begin after I finish 2012.

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