Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday- Week 3

Another week and another pound lost!

We've had some issues this last week at home. Our furnace was not working properly last Friday, causing an impromptu sleepover at Mom's and Mike from Grogg's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to grace us with his presence early Saturday morning. But, Mike did an awesome job and we were back home Saturday after the house warmed back up.

Then we had a water main break directly in front of our house on Monday, leaving us without water for about 4 hours.

Even when we had water again, it was several hours before the water ran clear. We were told it was safe to drink, but we went ahead and used stored water from our garage for a few days for drinking and cooking.

Throw those 2 events in with planning Monkey's 1st Birthday party and I ended up doing a lot more processed foods and eating out than I would have liked. But, I was still under my calorie goal each day. Here's the breakdown:

I know I had said last week that I would like to cut back on my carbs, but it actually went up a little. Again, baby steps. I'll get there. And I know that major changes cannot happen overnight.

Most importantly, I went to the GYM! I finally made it for the first time on Sunday afternoon. I was able to go with my aunt and walk an hour on the treadmill. I set it for 3.0 mph and 1.0 incline, although I did up the mph a few times to 3.5 mph. I was able to spend the entire time talking and catching up with my aunt, which was nice.

I had planned to go again today since it is Wednesday, but Monkey was a teething mess today with a fever and a nasty diaper rash. I stayed home with him all day, nursing on demand. It seemed like all he wanted to do was nurse, nap, and cuddle. He seemed to feel better this evening, so hopefully he will be back to his cheerful self tomorrow.

We are also now in countdown mode to Monkey's Winter One-Derland party on Saturday. I have found tons of ideas on Pinterest. I've made white chocolate covered popcorn and added in blue and silver edible decorations for the treat bags. I baked his smash cake tonight. This is my inspiration from Pinterest:

So tonight, I baked the cake in a large Pyrex mixing bowl. I'm letting it cool and then putting it in the fridge to chill until tomorrow so that the icing will go on easier. The cake in the picture uses a seasonal Coca-Cola bottle for the "snow globe", but I have a plastic ornament that is in 2 halves to use. I am still undecided about what I will put in the inside of the snow globe, but possibly cake pop snowmen. We will see.

I promise to photo bomb pics from the party this weekend for everyone. Hopefully I will start doing posts more frequently after the party also. For now, here is my favorite picture of Monkey with a little smash cake I used for his invites:

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