Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Resolutions for the New Me

Yep, I've been sucked in. I've decided to do a stereotypical list of my New Year Resolutions. I figure that the best way to commit to some new changes is to put them on the Internet, cursing them to live there forever.

Many of my resolutions are related to this crunchy layer that is slowly creeping further and further into my life. Others are the typical resolutions that most people make. So, here's a countdown of what I want to work on in 2012 and some of the tools that I plan to utilize.

1) Blog Daily
I've always been a very literary, "wordy" person. I love to read and write. But, my family life has derailed my writing for quite some time now. I'm fine with the fact that I moved my focus from my reading and writing to my family. But, it is time for me to find a way back to writing, back to doing what I enjoy so much. Blogging is a perfect way for me to ease back into writing while also exploring all the changes I've undergone in the last 2 years. Oh! And I will be able to discuss childbirth until I am blue in the face. Monkey is my last baby and I am a total birth junkie given all my new knowledge, so I NEED an outlet to discuss birth.

2) Lifestyle Changes for my Family
This one is pretty standard for what most people want for their families. Cook more home-cooked meals, eat out less. Pack my lunch for work most days. Actually, little does Hubby know, but I want to start packing lunch for both of us daily since we work together.

I also want to include more fruits, veggies, and fish in our diet. Hubby is not a fan of most seafood and hates fish unless it is sushi. He also doesn't eat veggies often unless they are grilled. Then you have the girls. Sassy is more likely to eat a variety of meats, while Diva will only eat chicken and hot dogs. Sassy won't eat most vegetable's or fruits, but Diva eats a fairly decent variety of both. In fact, Sassy's only veggie is potatoes in the form of fries, tater tots, hash browns, and mashed potatoes. My goal for this year is to include fruits, veggies, and fish regularly so that everyone starts eating them more often.

And I would like us all to be active as a family together. That can be physically active by going to the park or playing games on the Wii or Xbox that require physical activity, or it can be mentally active by playing board games. As long as we are being active as a family, I will be happy.

There is another, very important reason for these lifestyle changes. Sassy has exhibited many signs of ADD that interfere with her abilities in school and at home. We are currently working with our pediatrician to try some supplements and lifestyle changes before going down the path of testing for a real diagnosis and possible medication. So any positive changes we make may help Sassy's performance in school and home, which could in turn avoid an actual diagnosis or prescription medication.

3) Blog Weight-loss Wednesdays
My Monkey turns 1 year old on the first Wednesday of 2012. My current weight is actually slightly less than pre-pregnancy, but I had extra weight before I became pregnant with him. I also have not exercised regularly since....before high school. Yeah, it's time that I start making some healthy changes for ME that are related to but separate from my family goals.

I had planned to wait until Monkey's 1st Birthday to begin any real exercise for one very important reason. I have been breastfeeding Monkey this entire year and I have been lucky enough to not supplement at all. This is entirely different than my experience with my girls. I nursed Sassy for 3 months, but was supplementing with formula at 2 weeks. With Diva, I made it to 4 months, but was supplementing at 4 weeks. So making it an entire year with no formula just completely blows my mind sometimes. I know that many woman can exercise and it will not affect their supply as long as they get enough calories. For me personally, I was too afraid to jeopardize my success by beginning an exercise routine, so I decided to wait until we hit the 1yr mark before making any big changes.

My plan is to weigh myself Wednesday morning (Jan 4). I will then decide what my overall weightloss goal will be. My plan is to incorporate the lifestyle changes I am making for my family to eat healthier myself. I have joined a local gym and plan to work out twice a week, once during the weekend and once during the week. Given my busy schedule with work and family, I think that trying for twice a week is a realistic goal. I will post updates weekly for Weight Loss Wednesdays.

4) Organize My Home
Easier said than done, right? This is quite a daunting task. I have tried different methods and systems before, but nothing has "stuck." I get overwhelmed and eventually give up, looking for a better system so I can repeat the vicious cycle again. One of the things I recently ran across is "52 Weeks To An Organized Home" by Home Storage Solutions 101. This site puts up a new challenge each week, then gives steps and tips for accomplishing the challenge so that you can then adjust it to meet your needs.

This site actually started posts at the end of October 2011, so the challenges for weeks 44-52 are already up on their page and they will add new challenges each Monday throughout the year. If I am able to accomplish one of the tasks early, my plan is to tackle some of the weeks for later in the year. If you are interested, they have a weekly email they will send you in case you are forgetful like me. There is no way I would remember to visit their site each week for new challenges.

This isn't my only resource, Pinterest is a big help for many things, including home organization, storage, and decorating. If you are not currently on Pinterest, Go.There.Now! If you try to create an account on your own, you will be waitlisted. But you can have a friend send you an invite and get right in. If you do not have any friends that can invite you, send me a message and I will send you an invite. Yes, this site is that important to me. I have storage ideas, homemade beauty and cleaning products, decorating ideas, holiday ideas, more food recipes than I could ever make, hair and beauty tutorials, DIY clothing and crafts, etc. I have planned parties, found Elf on the Shelf ideas, and created Christmas presents. Pinterest is also slowly rooting itself into my life and I'm sure it can help you with whatever you need to do in your life.

5) Be Social
I am a very friendly person, but I need to make an effort to be more social. In the last few years, I have fallen into a social rut. Girls nights are few and far between. Date nights are only slightly more often. But, in the year since Monkey was born, both have been severely lacking. I've had 2 weekends away from the kids, but other than that I have been all Mom, all the time. I love my family, but all women know that part of what makes a great mother is that she takes time for herself.

So I want more date nights. I want a girls night every once in a while. I want to go hear local artists perform. I want to go show my support of local theater shows. I want to take my family and go to local band or choir concerts and sporting events. I just want to "get out" more than I have in the past few years. Doing this will boost my mood and make me a happier person in general. This is important because we all know, "when Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Ensuring that I have good social connections and "me" time will have a domino effect on my family.

So there you have it. My 5 resolutions for 2012, blasted on the Internet so I can hopefully hold myself accountable.

I wish all my friends and family a Healthy and Happy New Year filled with Blessings all around.

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