Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday- Week 6

Although I didn't have a lot of progress with my weight this week, I have felt GREAT anyway. I have also been working out A LOT. More on that in a minute. First, let's check out the scale:

So I'm only down 0.2 lbs from last week. Not a great amount. But, I had a rough few days at the end of last week. Monkey got his very first ear infection. Started with a fever Tuesday night, then he was miserable Wednesday. We went to the ped to get checked Thursday and she said it was an ear infection. From that point on, he basically went on a reverse nursing strike. He wanted to only nurse Friday and Saturday. We went from our normal schedule of 4-5 times a day to 20+ times a day.

Yes, you read that right. Over 20 times per day.

I wanted to eat everything in sight. I felt so thirsty that I drank water constantly and ended up feeling like a bloated balloon. I decided to indulge in high calorie snacks to help boost my supply.

Monkey only had a few bites of solids on those days. No water, no whole milk (he usually gets about 4oz a day with meals). I was able to convince him to drink a little cranberry juice, but not much. I seriously felt like I was nursing a 2 week old again.

So, I went over my calorie count on Friday. But I'm ok with that. It was a necessity due to Monkey's illness. And his health and well-being come before my need to stay below my calorie goal for a few days.

Here's what my week looked like according to My Fitness Pal:

Overall, not too bad. I did go work out at Planet Fitness on Saturday, Monday, and again tonight. I have a nice system of doing the 30 Minute Express Workout, then doing 30 minutes on the treadmill. After I'm all hot and sweaty, I then go take advantage of the massage chairs and/or the hydrobed. The hydrobed is amazing. Ten minutes to lay down, relax, and play on my phone while I get a pretty great massage.

When I first started going to the gym, I would set the treadmill to manual or "fat burn" on 3.0 mph, then up the mph to 3.5 a few times and then go back down when I needed to rest a little. The last few times, I have kept the speed at 3.5 and switched to the "cardio" setting. The nice thing about the cardio setting is that it keeps increasing the incline until I reach my target heart rate, then adjusts accordingly to maintain my target heart rate. I am burning a LOT more calories doing this setting, even though keep my heart rate at 151 for 30 mins makes me feel like death warmed over at first.

I really hope I can keep up the momentum for my exercise. I know that I will likely not be able to go to the gym every other day like I have been, but I really feel like I'm turning a corner and incorporating the exercise in to my life when able. This is a BIG step for me because it doesn't feel like quite a chore right now. Hopefully we will see some big results in the next few weeks.

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